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After more than two decades, French Connection AU wanted to relaunch as a fashion brand that sets a new standard for modern style.

We worked to research, coordinate, and design the relaunch of French Connection AU to Unison. Over the course of the engagement, Practice helped rethink Unison’s consumables and materials as well as advised on their supply chain to minimize environmental impact while developing a brand that embodies their bold vision for the future across all touchpoints from retail, to e-commerce and printed campaigns.

What we did:

Brand Naming

Brand Strategy


Brand Messaging

E-Commerce Packaging

Retail Packaging

Brand Identity

Campaign Art Direction

Campaign Concepting

E-Com Art Direction

Web Design

Web Content

Product Copy

Woven Label System

Swing Tag System

Interior Signage

Video Creative Direction

Ad Concepting

Marketing Content

Content Pillars

Email Design

Social Design

Social Captions

Unison Label logo | Practice
Unison Store | Practice
Unison OOH | Practice
STYLE FOR ALL | Practice
Unison OOH | Practice
Unison Store | Practice
Unison Store | Practice

The Duality Mark

Unison's central emblem, featuring a square for a hard-edged element and a soft circle, creatively contrasts modern and classic elements while also symbolizing the brand's dual-gender identity.

The Duality Mark
Unison demin  | Practice
Bringing it all together | Practice
Tone of voice | Practice
Sale Bag | Practice
Sale Poster | Practice
Unison Jacket | Practice

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