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Practice partnered with the most trusted voice in skincare to build Remedy, a brand that’s determined to democratize the dermatologist.

Practice collaborated with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah (also known as @DermDoctor, the internet’s favorite skincare expert) to ideate and build 2 brands: Remedy, a skincare brand that offers clinically-effective skincare routines in a single bottle, and Skinpedia, an open index of skincare resources and best practices collated by Dr. Shah himself. We see this work as a strategic step towards democratizing skin health and pushing the needle towards a “less is more” approach to consumption.

What we did:

Brand Naming

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Tone of Voice

Product Naming


Direct to Consumer Unboxing

Website Design

Website Copy

Art Direction



Social Strategy

Content Strategy

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Inspired by a doctor’s signature, the Remedy logotype displays a stylized ‘M’, accenting the “med” component of Remedy’s name. When combined with the stylized ‘S’ in Sciences, these 2 hidden letters combine to form the initials M.S., a nod to the brand’s founder.

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Democratizing the Dermatologist

Through years of conducting clinical work, helping countless patients solve their skin issues, and fielding questions online from his audience of nearly 20 million followers, Dr. Shah had developed an unparalleled understanding of the industry. More often than not, he found that the products people were using to treat them weren’t all that effective—in fact, they often sold customers empty promises instead of a reliable path to healthier skin. Practice partnered with Dr. Shah to not only build something better, but to also make his dermatological knowledge accessible to all.

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Simplifying Skincare

Remedy’s all-in-one products pack an entire skincare routine into a single bottle. Each product addresses a common skin concern and merges the research-backed ingredient combinations and optimized dosages that Dr. Shah knows are the most effective from dermatological experience and clinical studies. Each one is made with the highest possible product efficacy, eliminating the need to purchase and layer on several different products that all treat the same condition.


Remedy’s type system was inspired by the appearance of a doctor’s note: clean, clinical notations accompanied by the unique script of a physician. The type system leads with a bold yet approachable sans serif and utilizes a handwriting-inspired font to accent key copy.


Remedy launched with 3 groundbreaking all-in-one products: Remedy for Dark Spots, Remedy for Pore Size, and Remedy for Dry Lips. Remedy’s products are intentionally developed to address some of the most common and persistent skin concerns that consumers deal with, which Dr. Shah had witnessed time and time again in the clinic as well as through fielding questions from his audience online. Practice developed the name, concept, and packaging for each product, aiming to cut through the noise of skincare with product names that were intuitive and easy to remember.

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