Glowbar | Practice
Retail expansion

We helped Glowbar to expand their retail presence to effortlessly scale locations and ensure a memorable brand impact.

Glowbar storefront signage | Practice
View of the wash station inside Glowbar | Practice
Glowbar posters | Practice

Signage systems

The signage system developed for Glowbar uses translucency, glows and gradients to create a calming but directional atmosphere. The use of the strong brand color allows for easy way finding and strong graphics.

Glowbar outdoor sandwich board, reads The path to good skin is clear | Practice
Glowbar entrance reads Face your skin | Practice
Shadow of signage on glass door reads Face your skin | Practice

Retail signage

When challenged with the expansion, a large concern from the original location was that customers were intimidated by the wall of product – but were inclined to purchase when recommended something by Glowbar's estheticians. We worked to create signage that worked as expert advice to help bridge this gap.

Indoor Glowbar signage reads Holy grail SPF | Practice
Indoor Glowbar signage reads Help for hyperpigmentation | Practice

Glowing and going

Great signage doesn't just allow for wayfinding, it makes for a beautiful experience. It was important in the work to consider how people might share their 'afterglow' and how the space would compliment photography and sharing.

Indoor signage reads The path to good skin is clear | Practice
Mirror selfies taken by clients inside Glowbar | Practice
List of GLOWBAR locations we've helped launch | Practice
Retail Expansion
Glowbar | Practice