Brand awareness | Practice
Brand awareness

We worked to develop and implement strategies to help Commonry drive engagement, boost brand awareness and attract new customers across all their channels - including website, socials, stores, and email.

Woman in Commonry black set of clothing | Practice
Fit for your life copy | Practice
Fit for everyday text | Practice
Woman in Commonry clothing and headscarf | Practice

Marketing channel strategy

We worked with Commonry's internal marketing team to define their channels, including each channel’s strategy, audience segment, and storytelling. We guided decisions around content creation to ensure Commonry has the right conversations, with the right people, in the right places, and at the right time.

Gif of Commonry pillars document | Practice

Edits and web copy

We maintained the copy for Commonry's website for all of year one, including creating digital editorial experiences to showcase curated edits of their collections. We also helped their team launch over 600 products in the span of 4 seasons by writing ecommerce copy for each one that told the garment’s unique story.

Commonry website featuring denim | Practice
Commonry denim edit on website | Practice
Commonry website edit | Practice
Commonry website edit page | Practice

Brand-level channel marketing

Alongside partnership efforts, we told the unique stories of Commonry's collections in curated email sends that were designed to be systematic, editorial, and shoppable. This optimizes for both brand affinity and conversion.

Ashley Graham in Commonry clothing | Practice
Ashley Graham in Commonry clothing | Practice
Ashley Graham in Commonry clothing | Practice
Ashley Graham in Commonry clothing | Practice
Commonry newspaper | Practice

Influencer partnerships

In collaboration with the Commonry team, we brought to life the story of real women who wear Commonry clothing – fit for their life. Our goal was to inspire customers who are still on their fashion journey to elevate their everyday.

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