Superfresh | Practice
World Refresh

We refreshed Allkinds’ Superfresh line with a new look and story that invites kids and teens to join Team Allkinds.

The entire suite of refreshed Allkinds Superfresh products and packaging laid out. | Practice

Developing the Concept

Superfresh needed a jolt of energy to keep up with the other Allkinds’ worlds, but the fragrance story and basic framework were locked in. We applied insights from Allkinds’ top performing products to re-energize the collection with an infusion of team spirit that focused on the pure joy of play. Now everyone can feel like an All Star just by being themself.

Tweens dressed in Allkinds, holding Allkinds water bottles, pose for the campaign. | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh products surrounded by tennis rackets. | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh Eye Cooler Packaging | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh Wash Mitt Packaging | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh Game Day Clock Packaging | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh Sweat Band Packaging | Practice

Beyond the Field of Play

An expanded color palette and updated packaging lets Superfresh play where it pleases, downplaying the connection to grassy fields and team sports.

Hand squeezes Superfresh whipped shower foam onto pink surface, with fragrance notes written around. | Practice
Teen posing with his BMX bike, dressed in Allkinds. | Practice

Welcome to Team Allkinds

The new look interprets the welcoming Allkinds rainbow via the stripe motif common on athletic gear.

Allkinds Superfresh Body Scrub Packaging | Practice
Teen holding the Allkinds Superfresh Body Scrub Packaging | Practice
Jelly Wash squished under tennis racket. | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh Jelly Wash Packaging | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh Lip Glow Packaging | Practice
Teen applying Allkinds Superfresh Lip Glow | Practice
Teen holding Allkinds Superfresh Daily Body Cream Packaging | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh Daily Body Cream Packaging | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh Bath Salt Packaging | Practice
Allkinds Superfresh Body Scrub Packaging | Practice
A group of playful teens dressed in Allkinds Superfresh colors, holding Superfresh products on a playground. | Practice
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