Fruity Floss | Practice
Capsule Collection
Fruity Floss

We built a totally flipped out new capsule collection for Allkinds, named Fruity Floss.

Developing the concept

After receiving a fragrance sample of natural raspberry that the Allkinds team wanted to base a collection around, we decided to flip the fruit to blue raspberry and craft a fantastically twisted story. Our concept tossed our favourite fruits into the cotton candy machine and it spun out a totally twisted batch of delicious you’ll never believe.

Blue Raspberry
Kids on 3D watermelons and clouds, in front of a green background with blue raspberries. | Practice


The Fruity Floss packaging system uses spot glosses, metallics and 3d graphics for a flipped out feel that lets customers unwrap the unexpected.

Full Fruity Floss range of products | Practice
Fruity Floss Shower Syrup & Whipped Shower Foam | Practice
Fruity Floss Jelly Wash | Practice
Fruity Floss Shower Syrup | Practice

3d renderings

Through the Fruity Floss world, we developed 3d renders for packaging and store windows, which we then worked into a photoshoot to create a visual world that feels upside down in sugar town.

Girl with raining blue raspberries | Practice
3D rendered smiley face | Practice
3D rendered rainbow | Practice
Boy with raining marshmallows, bubbles and rainbows | Practice
Girl in front of 3D Fruity Floss graphics | Practice
3D rendered watermelon | Practice
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