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Practice partnered with Allkinds to build a new generation of personal care for kids & teens.

We worked to ideate and launch a new brand of bath & body, hair care, skincare and more, which we named Allkinds. Made for all kinds of kids and all kinds of fun: everything at Allkinds is formulated specifically for kids’ & tweens’ skin. Natural fragrances, vegan formulas, 'no gross stuff' and naturally awesome ingredients, and a high standards for formulations and dermatological testing. Practice built the Allkinds brand from initial ideation to launch and continues to support them as they grow.

What we did:

Market Research

Brand Naming

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Tone of Voice

Brand Architecture

Fragrance and Product Concepting

Product Naming


Art & Video Direction

Packaging System

Packaging Production

Product Design

Retail Consulting

Signage & System Design

Website Design

Copy & Content

Digital Marketing


OOH Marketing

PR and Event Marketing


allkinds logo dynamic dot | Practice

Building a new brand at scale


stores at launch


product categories


fragrance worlds


launch products

Iconography | Practice
In Store | Practice


The Allkinds logo features a dynamic dot of the letter ‘i’ which becomes a symbol that we are all different, ever-changing, ever-exploring, and ever-growing. The letterforms of the logotype are in minimalist, gender-neutral design, and drawn to be friendly and inviting.

Dynamic dot in use

Across the Allkinds packaging system and signage, the dynamic dot of the logotype comes to life to create all kinds of options and ways to express and shop what you love. Because growing up is about trying things out: one day you're this, the next you're that—it's all good as long as you feel good. You're confident. You're having fun. You're Allkinds.

Superwash Rendered Gif
Dynamic Dot - Storefront | Practice
Brand book - color page | Practice
Brand Book Rainbow | Practice

Building fragrance worlds (and a non-gendered experience)

Allkinds carries 6 signature bath & body fragrances, which assemble to create the core 'Allkinds rainbow' brand color palette. We concepted and developed these six fragrance worlds from naming to fragrance notes, and worked to make them non-gendered. Whether you love sports or love sparkle: it is our belief that we should support kids & teens enthusiasm for that, no matter what gender. We didn't divide the Allkinds store into a ‘girls’ and a ‘boys’ section– we leave it up to kids choose. There’s something for everyone, and within these interactive fragrance worlds and different personalities: we encourage all to have fun finding their favorites.

Worlds module | Practice
Full Product Suite | Practice

Product Naming

We named each and every one of Allkinds' hundreds of launch products. Heres just a few favorites, from product categories to fragrance & flavor.

Bath & Body
Hair Helpers
Skin Support
Nail Polish

Brand Value Stickers

We strategized and developed five core brand values for Allkinds, which we brought to life with illustrator Paulina Ho and later animated in-house. These brand values help to give Allkinds a kid-friendly and fun way to share core beliefs and value propositions, such as 'No Gross Stuff'.

Miranda screen | Practice
World Sticker Grid | Practice